Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fill My Cup

Dear Lord,

I just wasted my 2 weeks break.
I didn't do much reflection.
Didn't do much work.
Did play a bit.
Did glue to the TV for days.
And I did not get much happiness.

I feel my spiritual cup getting dry.
Please fill my cup again,
Pour your spirit afresh upon me.
Let me feel the passion to work again.

I need to not be forced to work.
I want the passion to work.
Help me see the bigger picture again,
Of why you called me to turn away a lawyer job,
To be a humble teacher in a school,
far away from my comfort homeland.

Oh Lord,
See my sinner's prayer,
And cleanse away my sins.

Oh God,
I know that I am not worthy,
To have Jesus Christ died on the cross,
For my sins.

And even if You know so well,
That I will sin again tomorrow,
You will still love me the same as today.

Oh Jesus,
I pray that you would lead my spirit,
To be sensitive to happiness,
And let me see the reasons for me to be happy,
Day after day,
Till the day that we meet in heaven.

All this I humbly pray,

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