Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fill My Cup

Dear Lord,

I just wasted my 2 weeks break.
I didn't do much reflection.
Didn't do much work.
Did play a bit.
Did glue to the TV for days.
And I did not get much happiness.

I feel my spiritual cup getting dry.
Please fill my cup again,
Pour your spirit afresh upon me.
Let me feel the passion to work again.

I need to not be forced to work.
I want the passion to work.
Help me see the bigger picture again,
Of why you called me to turn away a lawyer job,
To be a humble teacher in a school,
far away from my comfort homeland.

Oh Lord,
See my sinner's prayer,
And cleanse away my sins.

Oh God,
I know that I am not worthy,
To have Jesus Christ died on the cross,
For my sins.

And even if You know so well,
That I will sin again tomorrow,
You will still love me the same as today.

Oh Jesus,
I pray that you would lead my spirit,
To be sensitive to happiness,
And let me see the reasons for me to be happy,
Day after day,
Till the day that we meet in heaven.

All this I humbly pray,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You've Got A Friend

很想让他知道, You've got a friend.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Smell The Irony

Life is an irony sometimes.

Where I was deeply moved by a cover made by one of my favourite artist Joanna Wang on a great oldy song translated as "Lifetime Waiting" (not very good translation, but Chinese words are too unique), I was thinking about how great will this song be if I could dedicate this to my future beloved husband/ bf.

As I was repeating this some this morning, I went to 'update' myself on one of my close friend's blog, I read about her lost of her grandmother. How irony, that the song actually fits that situation?!

I can't help it by reminding myself of my big aunt's death recently. She has been a lovely women her whole life and had acted as a mother-figure to my mom, since the death of my grandmother. My mom was really closed to her. She died because of illness, but one can't not pity how she went ill. It was a great tragic that she just had a minor fall from home bathroom and led to the discovery of some bone cancer. She was a vegetarian during her late life, which might help explaining perhaps why her bones are not strong. She suffered so much during the last months. What's glad about it is how her husband, my uncle went as high as the mountain, as deep as the sea (what chinese says 上山下海) to find the best medicine and best doctor to treat her. He himself was old too, in fact older than my aunt. Cut the long story short, she passed away few weeks ago.

When I knew about that news, I was so busy here in life that I didn't have a fair time to moan about her death. I prayed, and I just moved on. Smell the irony? How life can be so not right sometimes that could actually lead to a different outcome?

ps: Although the sun is up high and shiny today, my heart just feel so gloomy....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011







Sunday, August 28, 2011






Thursday, August 25, 2011

The New MyDistress Application

Ho, ho, ho! It's so rare I blog these days right? Ya, I hate to admit it that life is busy and thoughts have mostly parked themselves nicely in my brain and never came out again. :(

Anyway, I'm here to talk about the newly launched MyDistress application. It's a mobile application that was launched on Wednesday, 24 August 2011 by the Selangor Police. It was a co-developed application with a mobile phone software developer called Cconvep Mobilogy Sdn. Bhd.

Well, I got to know about the app via my sister, as she was happily pointing out her friend being the model holding an iPhone 4 for his brother which was the team in inventing the app. She encouraged me to download it as the sister was telling the friends (including my sister) over a BBQ party to help support the brother's good cause and help create some news over the radar.

So I decided to give it a try. Googled it through my phone, found the site and my mobile phone directly prompted me to download it. OK, so I downloaded the app, and checked that out. I was really impressed with the app. It can actually track down your location using GPS! Of course, your phone will need to have GPS to do so, but the point it, SO COOL! No more worries of miscommunication! I quickly registered myself, not knowing much hidden clause. Oh, they also had all the contact numbers of the police stations in Selangor, including emails! That's really helpful right?

However, just today, when I was about to tell my other girl friends about this 'great' news, one of my tech-geek guy friend mentioned that they will charge a monthly subscription of RM2 starting from January 2012! What? Charging you monthly for what? Apparently it's for the upkeep of the system and no profit is gained by the developer.

Well, it does make sense that you need $MONEY$ to upkeep a system, but why are you charging the rakyat? I understand that it is pretty much a self-help system, which maybe its quite a premium 'service' so to say if we use it. There might be well argued that no all rakyat has a mobile phone, what more that this app only work on smartphones? It's clearly not fair for those rakyat that don't own a phone and not getting the service to be contributing to the service via paying taxes? True! That point is valid! But, on the flip side, is it reasonable to charge RM2 EVERY SINGLE MONTH? What is really such a big expense that you need to charge people every single month? I don't quite understand that part. They could well charge by per usage! RM2 per usage to safe my life.... reasonable? Hell ya!

So my verdict: Good initiative but same old, same old.... pushing the cost to rakyat. With so much initiative to make Malaysia a better and more developed nation, can't Selangor government absorb the cost? I really hope this app will actually continue to create more discussion and leads to a Federal government's decision of providing it as free service nation wide. They are promoting e-government right? I suppose this is in line with that?

ps: currently, only on iPhone this app looks the 'coolest' as on blackberrys and symbian/nokia phones, it looks a bit cacat/ not as user-friendly as iPhone's version. :(

Sunday, August 21, 2011

When you remember the day, don't forget that feeling.

22 August 2011